Purpose of paper clip

The most common use of the paper clip is to hold the document, put the paper and folder together, and play a fixed role. Paper clips and paper clips are broadly the same. They are paper clips made of metal wires bent back and forth. The paper clip seems to be the simplest of all inventions. It is just a small piece of curved wire with paper. But the paper clip has been designed many times before it is made into the shape we use today.

Purpose of paper clip

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Life tips of paper clip:

1. The zipper of the bag is easy to open. Hang a paper clip in the hole of the zipper and buckle it like this. It is not easy to open in this way and plays the role of anti-theft.

Purpose of paper clip

2. When the mobile phone needs to change the card, it can't find the card taking needle when it needs to take the card. You can use a paper clip to replace the card taking needle. Just break the paper clip straight and insert this end into it. You can easily take the card with this method.

3. It can be used as a bookmark. Clip a paper clip to the page you see in the book, and it will be easy to find the next time you use the book.

4. When the zipper buckle is broken or too small to pull, put a paper clip on it. It will be very easy to pull the zipper in this way.

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