What's the name of a cat without fur

A cat without fur is called a hairless cat. The hairless cat, also known as the sphinx cat, was specially bred by cat lovers in Toronto, Ontario, Canada from a litter of almost hairless kittens through inbreeding in 1966 for cat lovers who are allergic to cat hair. This cat is a pet cat produced by natural gene mutation.

What's the name of a cat without fur

Outline features:

Hairless cats have sparse hair. There are some thin and soft fetal hair in the ears, mouth, nose, tail and feet. Other parts of the body are hairless. The skin folds like antelope skin and is elastic. The younger the cat, the rounder the face and the more wrinkles on the skin; The newborn kitten has many wrinkles and is covered with soft and fine fetal hair. With the growth of age, the hair remains only in the head, limbs, tail and the end of the body.

What's the name of a cat without fur

Origin history:

The sphinx cat is also known as the Sphinx hairless cat. As early as 1700 years ago, it was recorded that native Mexican residents in South America raised this hairless cat. But it was not until the breed was successful in the cat show that people began to pay attention to it and became interested in it. Tlca recognized the breed, which was identified as a rare breed in 2005.

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