Ten thousand years is too long. Where does seize the day come from

"Ten thousand years is too long, seize the day" comes from Mao Zedong's "Manjianghong · and Comrade Guo Moruo".

"Man Jiang Hong and Comrade Guo Moruo" was written by Guo Moruo for the new year in the Guangming Daily on January 1 when Mao Zedong inspected Guangzhou. He was very touched and wrote this poem on January 9.

Ten thousand years is too long. Where does seize the day come from

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Man Jianghong and Comrade Guo Moruo

Small world, a few flies hit a wall.

Buzzing, a few shrill, a few sobs.

Ants boast of a great country, and ants try to shake the tree.

Under the westerly wind and fallen leaves, Chang'an is flying.

How many things are never urgent;

Heaven and earth turn, time is pressing.

Ten thousand years is too long. Seize the day.

The clouds and water in the four seas are angry, the five continents are shaken, and the wind and thunder are excited.

To sweep away all pests, invincible.

Ten thousand years is too long. Where does seize the day come from


From beginning to end, this word runs through the ideological will to oppose imperialism and hegemony and defend Marxism Leninism and proletarian internationalism. The previous film used many allusions to ridicule, expose and whip the Anti China acts of hegemonists, with a cold and humorous tone. The next film is "singing the wind and thunder from the heart", integrating scenery, lyricism and discussion, warmly praising the surging world revolution, with a magnificent style. The upper and lower films are integrated into one, forming the artistic characteristics of opening up and closing up, ups and downs, and showing the beauty of a great and just spirit. Both in terms of content and art, it can be called Mao Zedong's peak work.

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