Can sweet potato sprout and eat

Sweet potato can be eaten after germination, but you can't eat too much. Sweet potato germination will not produce any harmful substances like potato germination, nor will it cause any toxic harm to human body, so you can eat it safely.

After sweet potato sprouts, due to the massive loss of nutrition and water, it not only tastes bad, but also loses its edible value. However, if sweet potatoes are black or moldy, they can't be eaten, otherwise their health will be affected.

Can sweet potato sprout and eat

Edible effect of sweet potato:

1. Clearing heat and removing fire

Sweet potato belongs to cool food. It is usually listed in hot summer. Moreover, the water content of sweet potato is very high, which can bring a cool feeling of drinking water to consumers. Eating sweet potato has the effects of generating saliva, relieving thirst, removing heat and dispersing fire.

2. Beauty

Human aging is mainly related to free radicals in the body. Sweet potato contains a large amount of vitamin C, which is a super antioxidant vitamin. Moreover, the water content in sweet potato is very high, which can fully dissolve vitamin C and promote the body's absorption of vitamin C. eating sweet potato can eliminate free radicals in the body and delay aging.

3. Degreasing and depressurization

Sweet potato contains mucin, which can remove cholesterol in the blood, promote capillary expansion, reduce blood viscosity, improve blood circulation, and have antihypertensive effect. For patients with hypertension and hyperlipidemia, sweet potato is a good regulating fruit.

4. Antialcoholic effect

When drinking hard, chewing a few pieces of sweet potato can often remove post drinking reactions such as head swelling, headache, blushing, dry mouth and stomach discomfort. The main reason is that sweet potato can relieve the toxicity of ethanol, promote the excretion of ethanol and protect gastric mucosa. Therefore, sweet potato is the best fruit after drinking.

5. Jianwei Xiaoshi

Usually, sweet potatoes are eaten raw. The meat of raw sweet potatoes is crisp and tender, sweet and juicy. If the cold potato is shredded and mixed with rice vinegar, sugar and sesame oil, it has the taste of acid, sweet, fragrant and crisp. It is a perfect pre meal diet. It has the effects of generating saliva, appetizing, clearing heart and thirst, promoting appetite and helping consumption.

Can sweet potato sprout and eat

6. Improve immunity

Copper is one of the indispensable elements for the human body and is a necessary element for the synthesis of many proteins in the human body. Lack of copper will not only affect the functions of human blood, central nervous system and immune system, but also affect the normal development of brain, liver and heart. Sweet potato contains many minerals, including a certain amount of copper, Eating cold potato in summer can enhance the body's immunity.

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