What season is August

August is summer. August is one of the December months. It is the eighth month of the lunar year (if there is no leap month before). According to the division method of four seasons, summer is divided from June to August.

The four seasons refer to the four seasons that occur alternately in a year, namely spring, summer, autumn and winter, with three months each season.

What season is August

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The earth's orbit around the sun is elliptical and has an included angle with the plane of its rotation. When the earth is at different times of the year and at different positions in its orbit, the sunlight received by various parts of the earth is different, and the heat received by the sun is different, so there are seasonal changes and differences in cold and heat.

What season is August

In terms of climate, the four seasons are distinguished by temperature. In the northern hemisphere, generally speaking, March May is spring, June August is summer, September November is autumn, and December February is winter.

In the southern hemisphere, the time of each season is just the opposite of that in the northern hemisphere. When the southern hemisphere is summer, the northern hemisphere is winter; When the southern hemisphere is winter, the northern hemisphere is summer. There is no obvious boundary between seasons, and the transformation of seasons is gradual.

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