What does traditional craft mean

Traditional crafts are an important part of Chinese art. It has various forms, mainly including firing, casting and forging, dyeing and weaving, weaving, woodwork, painting, sculpture and other categories. Chinese craftsmen use raw materials of different materials to create various kinds of handicrafts that are colorful and exquisite.

What does traditional craft mean

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Handicraft refers to the arts and crafts with unique artistic style produced by manual labor. It is different from the arts and crafts that mass produce standardized daily-use handicrafts by means of large-scale industrial mechanization.

Handicrafts refer to products made purely by hand or with the help of tools. Mechanical tools can be used, provided that the direct manual operation of the technologist is still the main source of finished products.

What does traditional craft mean

In the face of the decline of traditional handicrafts, since the 1960s and 1970s, the West has started a wide range of "handicrafts revival movement". Although the revival of handicrafts, as a cultural trend of thought, can not fundamentally change the general trend of social production, it fully affirms the status and role of handicrafts in people's life; At the same time, it inspires people to further think about how to avoid the harm of industrialization to the social and cultural environment.

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