Don't stop where you come from before you finish your cup

"Don't stop until you're full" comes from "don't stop painting the cup of Jianghu", and the prototype is quoted from Li Bai's "will drink".

The whole sentence is: "the road is not clear, walking in the snow, people are not finished, don't stop drinking.".

I don't know what variables will happen on the road ahead. Go alone in the snow. Don't stop the wine glass before you die.

Don't stop where you come from before you finish your cup

Extended data:

"Going to wine" is a Yuefu poem created by poet Li Bai of the Tang Dynasty. This poem was written by Li Bai after Chang'an's return. Its ideological content is very deep and its artistic expression is very mature. It has the greatest influence in the works with the same title.

The poet drank heavily, sang loudly, and drowned his sorrow with wine, expressing his deep and broad feelings of life. The whole poem is full of emotion. Regardless of happiness, anger, sadness and joy, its surging and bursting are like rivers flowing and irresistible; Exaggeration is often used in the technique, and it is often modified by a large number of words, which not only shows the poet's heroic and free feelings, but also makes the poem itself sound and lyrical.

Don't stop where you come from before you finish your cup

Original text of ancient poetry:

"Wine coming"

Don't you see, the water of the Yellow River flows into the sky and never returns to the sea.

Don't you see, the bright mirror of the high hall is sad and white hair. The morning is like green silk and the evening becomes snow.

When you are happy in life, don't make the golden cup empty to the moon.

I'm born to be useful. I'll come back after I've lost a thousand gold.

It is fun to cook sheep and kill cattle. You will have to drink 300 cups a day.

Master Cen, Dan Qiusheng, don't stop drinking.

A song with you, please listen to it for me.

The bells, drums and dishes are not expensive. I hope I won't wake up when I'm drunk for a long time.

In ancient times, sages were lonely, and only drinkers kept their names.

In the past, King Chen had a happy banquet and ten thousand wine fights.

What does the master mean by saying less money? You must sell and drink to you.

Five flower horses, thousands of gold fur, hu'er will exchange wine and sell eternal sorrow with you.

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