What season is green, fat, red and thin

"Green, fat, red and thin" refers to the late spring and early summer, that is, the late spring season.

"Green, fat, red and thin" originated from Li Qingzhao's word "rumengling · last night's rain and sparse wind". Among them, "green" refers to green leaves, while "red" refers to flowers. Green, fat, red and thin refers to the season when green leaves are lush, but flowers begin to lose weight, which also represents the disappearance of spring and the coming of summer.

What season is green, fat, red and thin

Original content:

"Like a dream order - rain and wind last night"

Li Qingzhao

Last night, the rain was sparse and the wind was sudden. A strong sleep could not eliminate the residual wine. Ask the roller shutter man, but the Begonia is still there. Do you know, do you know? It should be green, fat, red and thin.


Although it rained sparsely last night, the wind blew fiercely. The deep sleep could not eliminate all the remaining wine. Ask the maid who is rolling the curtain: how are the Begonia flowers in the garden now? She said the Begonia flower was still the same as yesterday. You know, you know, this season should be lush green leaves and withered red flowers.

What season is green, fat, red and thin

Introduction to poetry:

"Rumengling · rain and wind last night" is an early CI work by Li Qingzhao, a poetess of the Song Dynasty. This word is a description of asking about flowers after waking up, which euphemistically expresses the author's feeling of pity for flowers, fully reflects the author's love for nature and spring, and also reveals his inner depression.

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