Is chinchilla a mouse

Chinchilla is a mouse. Specifically, chinchilla is also called hairy mouse, which is the general name of rodents, hairy mouse family and hairy mouse genus. The species is gregarious, docile and nocturnal. It is famous for its soft and beautiful fur. It is now on the verge of extinction due to the wanton hunting of mankind.

Is chinchilla a mouse

Distribution range:

After the 18th century, due to the development of artificial feeding technology, hairy silk rats were widely distributed all over the world, such as Spain, North America, Europe, Japan and Australia.

Living habits:

The hairy mouse is gentle, does not bite, likes to live in groups and is good at jumping. Timid and afraid of disturbance, he is used to sleeping peacefully during the day and foraging at night. He likes to lie on his back in the cage in the soft sun. At ordinary times, male and female individuals get along well, rarely quarrel, and only occasionally fight in the breeding season.

Is chinchilla a mouse

Hairy silk mouse likes a dry and cool environment, and the appropriate temperature is 2-30 ℃. The temperature below zero or above 30 ℃ is not suitable for its growth. Secondly, too much rain, humidity and cold wind are unfavorable to the growth and development of hairy silk rats. Therefore, hairy silk rats are generally raised in a dark indoor environment.

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