Can dried mushrooms still be eaten when they are moldy

Dried mushrooms are moldy and can't be eaten. The moldy dry mushroom has gone bad and will produce a lot of molds. There will also be a lot of moldy hyphae that are invisible to the naked eye and not fully developed. So you can't eat it, instead of just removing the mildew.

Dried mushrooms can easily reverse moisture if they are not stored properly. Especially in the rainy season, when the temperature is high and the humidity is high, it is more likely to cause mildew and moth.

Can dried mushrooms still be eaten when they are moldy

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It is recommended not to eat moldy mushrooms. If you are reluctant to throw them away, you can wash them first, then cover them with a special paper towel in the kitchen, and then expose them to the sun, or dry them in a microwave oven. If it still has peculiar smell after such treatment, it should be discarded and inedible.

Can dried mushrooms still be eaten when they are moldy

Secondly, moldy food will affect health and even cause cancer. A small bag of inorganic sodium chloride can be put into the plastic bag to prevent the sugar in the mushroom from seeping out and changing color, and prevent the wheat moth from laying eggs and hatching. In order to prevent pests such as mushrooms and moths, the storage room can also be fumigated with carbon disulfide for 24 hours before storage, and then stored after removing the residual gas.

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