Can I take expired medicine

Expired drugs must not be taken. Because after the drug expires, on the one hand, it loses its original therapeutic effect, so eating expired drugs can not achieve the due therapeutic effect. In addition, expired drugs may also have chemical reactions, qualitative changes, and produce substances harmful to human body.

Can I take expired medicine

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For expired drugs, even drugs that are one day overdue cannot be taken. Some people often take chances and think that as long as the appearance and smell do not change, there is no big deal if the drugs expire for a few days, they can continue to take them. This is dangerous because most drugs are produced and their efficacy will slowly decrease during storage.

According to relevant standards, if the efficacy of drugs is reduced to a certain extent, it is considered to have lost efficacy. The efficacy of antibacterial drugs such as amoxicillin decreases faster. If they are taken after the validity period, their condition may be delayed.

Can I take expired medicine

In addition, drugs that have expired may decompose into other products. These products may have adverse reactions to human body. Topical drugs such as alonson may cause skin allergy if they are still used after expiration. Although the above adverse reactions may not occur to everyone, for the sake of safety, expired drugs must not be used.

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