Is hamster a kind of mouse

Hamsters and mice are not the same species, belonging to the subfamily hamsters. Secondly, it can be distinguished from living habits that hamsters like dry environment, but rats like wet environment. Secondly, although hamsters are omnivorous animals, they basically eat only grains and fruits, while rats can eat them.

Is hamster a kind of mouse

Different living habits:

Mouse: mice come and go without a trace. They never meet people. Their sense of smell is very sensitive, especially familiar with human smell. Just smell it and stay away. Their nests are also in unknown places and have never been disturbed.

Hamster: mainly feeds on plant seeds, and eats plant tender stems, leaves, fruits, and occasionally insects. No hibernation. Live on stored food in winter. In addition, some species are omnivorous and can eat vertebrates such as frogs.

Is hamster a kind of mouse

Different habitats:

Rats: Rats often haunt sewers, toilets, kitchens, debris piles, garbage dumps, etc. Move back and forth between the bacteria carrying place and the clean place, and spread pathogens through rat feet, body hair and stomach carry.

Hamster: widely inhabits in grassland, farmland, desert, shrub, farmland, garden and orchard in foothills and river valleys. Occasionally enter the premises.

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