What kind of garbage does the battery belong to

Batteries are hazardous waste or other waste

1. Waste batteries in hazardous wastes refer to rechargeable batteries, button batteries, lithium batteries and storage batteries (including mercury, nickel hydrogen, nickel cadmium batteries, etc.)

2. Waste batteries in other garbage: refers to dry batteries. Because dry batteries on the market are mercury free or low mercury, dry batteries are other garbage. Most of the household non rechargeable No. 5 and No. 7 batteries are other batteries.

What kind of garbage does the battery belong to

Extended data:

1. Recyclables:

Recyclable materials refer to those that are produced in daily life and have lost all or part of their original use value. After recycling, they can become production raw materials or can be reused after finishing.

Such as newspapers, cartons, books, advertising leaflets, plastic bottles, plastic toys, oil drums, wine bottles, glasses, cans, old iron pots, old clothes, bags, old dolls, old digital products and old household appliances.

2. Kitchen waste:

Kitchen waste refers to perishable waste generated in the family, such as vegetable leaves, melon and fruit peel and core, leftovers, waste food and so on.

Such as: food waste, leftovers, expired food, vegetables and fruits, melon peel and core, flowers and green plants, Chinese medicine residues, etc

3. Hazardous waste:

Hazardous waste refers to waste that contains heavy metals and toxic substances harmful to human health or causes actual or potential harm to the environment.

Such as: waste batteries (rechargeable batteries, lead-acid batteries, nickel cadmium batteries, button batteries, etc.), waste paints, disinfectants, fluorescent tubes, mercury containing thermometers, waste drugs and their packaging, etc.

What kind of garbage does the battery belong to

4. Other waste:

Other wastes refer to domestic wastes other than kitchen waste, recyclables and hazardous wastes, as well as domestic wastes that are difficult to identify.

Such as: lunch boxes, napkins, wet paper towels, toilet paper, plastic bags, food packaging bags, heavily polluted paper, cigarette butts, diapers, disposable cups, big bones, shells, flower pots, etc.

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