Is wild boar a secondary protected animal

Wild boar does not belong to class II national protected animals, but belongs to three protected animals. Wild boar is a worldwide species, originated in Europe and Asia. Later, it was widely introduced into North America, covering Eurasia, including East Asia, Southeast Asia and other regions.

Is wild boar a secondary protected animal

morphological character:

Eurasian wild boar is a medium-sized mammal, weighing 90-200 kg. The body length is 2 meters and the shoulder height is about 90 cm. The sizes produced in different regions are also different. In some regions, the weight of Eurasian wild boars can reach more than 200 kg. The Eurasian wild boar produced in the south of Northeast China and the Far East of Russia even weighs nearly 400 kg.

Is wild boar a secondary protected animal


Wild boars haunt mountains, hills, deserts, forests, grasslands, forests and reed jungles, and often venture into farmland. It prefers broad-leaved forests, especially evergreen oak forests, but can also be found in more open habitats. For example, grasslands, mediterranean shrubs and farmland can be seen as long as they are covered with water and trees nearby.

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