How do stones form

The causes of stones are complex. The common factors are improper diet, emotional internal injury, improper medication, physical differences and so on.

Stone refers to the sand like pathological product or caking formed in some parts of the body and stagnated into disease. Large stones are difficult to discharge, so they stay and cause disease.

How do stones form

Extended data:

Stones are composed of inorganic salts or organic substances. There is a normal core in the stone, which is composed of exfoliated epithelial cells, bacterial masses, parasitic eggs or worms, fecal blocks or foreign bodies, and inorganic salts or organic matter are deposited on the core layer by layer. Due to the different affected organs, the mechanism of stone formation, including composition, shape, texture and influence on the body are different. Common stones include gallstones, bladder stones, ureteral stones, pancreatic duct stones, salivary gland duct stones, appendix fecal stones, stomach stones, foreskin stones and dental stones.

How do stones form

Due to the different affected organs, the mechanism of stone formation contains different components, shapes, textures and effects on the body. Generally speaking, stones can cause lumen obstruction, affect the discharge of fluid from affected organs, and produce symptoms such as pain, bleeding or secondary infection.

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