Can donkey hide gelatin be eaten after expiration

Donkey hide gelatin is expired and can't be eaten. Donkey hide gelatin is rich in water and sugars. Under certain temperature conditions, it is easy to breed bacteria and become moldy and deteriorated. However, a large number of harmful bacteria, molds and other microorganisms have been bred in expired donkey hide gelatin. After human consumption, it is likely to have an adverse impact on human health.

Can donkey hide gelatin be eaten after expiration

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Donkey hide gelatin is not suitable for everyone. Although donkey hide gelatin has nourishing effect, for people who get angry, eating donkey hide gelatin may aggravate their condition.

Secondly, donkey hide gelatin cake has a certain blood activating function. For patients with wounds, patients whose wounds have not healed and women in menstruation, excessive use of donkey hide gelatin cake may cause serious consequences that the wounds are difficult to heal, so they can continue to take it only after their body recovers.

Can donkey hide gelatin be eaten after expiration

Moreover, for patients with imperfect spleen and stomach function, eating sticky food will cause the burden of intestines and stomach. Therefore, eating donkey hide gelatin cake with large viscosity will cause gastrointestinal discomfort, so it should not be eaten. Finally, the gelatin cake contains more carbohydrates. It is suggested that diabetics should eat less or not.

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