What is the function of toner

Toner is one of the make-up water, which can replenish moisture for the skin. It is the most basic skin care product. After cleansing, the first step is to use toner, so as to improve the tightness of the skin and lock the moisture in the skin. Toner generally refers to cosmetic water with pH value close to 7. It is more suitable for dry skin. It can also be used in dry weather in autumn and winter.

What is the function of toner

The skin softener can not only quickly replenish water for the skin, but also has the function of secondary cleaning, remove the oil and dirt on the skin surface, help the skin soft and horny, adjust the skin pH value, and keep the skin moist.

What is the function of toner

We must thoroughly clean the face before using the toner. Only by cleaning the face can we give full play to the role of the toner. It is best to wash the face with makeup remover + facial cleanser. The cleaning will be cleaner, which is conducive to the better absorption of subsequent skin care products by the skin.

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