What do you mean by folding your ears

Folded ears, as the name suggests, the ears are folded forward and down. Generally, the broken ear refers to the broken ear cat. Recently, in the actors please take your place, the ultimate film directed by Zhao Wei is also called broken ear. This feature of folded eared cats is the result of gene mutation. The first folding cat was found near a farm in Scotland in 1961, but there was only one folding of its ears.

What do you mean by folding your ears

According to this feature, people continue to selectively breed, so that their ear creases change from one at first to two or three at present, and finally cultivate the folding ear cat with very personalized appearance. Although this shape is more lovely than straight ears in our view, from its own point of view, it is a cruel expression of congenital disability, which is a lifelong suffering for these sweet looking, gentle and calm cats.

What do you mean by folding your ears

In "broken ears", the sister played by Yoko and the brother played by he Kailang are a pair of close siblings whose parents died. Although they are siblings, they are twins. Although they are twins, they look very different. Their younger brother is handsome and their sister is ordinary. Moreover, as a sister, they have been older for a few seconds and support everything in the days without parents.

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