What does the flower language of yellow rose mean

Flower language of Yellow Rose: for friendship, yellow rose represents pure friendship and good wishes, so it will be a good gift for good friends; For love, yellow rose represents passion, true love and apology for love. Heavy blessing, infidelity, jealousy, lovelorn, apology. But in some places, yellow roses also represent waiting, waiting for your love.

What does the flower language of yellow rose mean

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Rose language of different colors:

Pink rose - first love (like your bright smile)

Red rose - passionate love (I hope to have passionate love with you)

What does the flower language of yellow rose mean

Orange red rose - shyness (for your mysterious love)

Yellow rose - Apologize (enjoy the day with you)

White rose - respect (our love is pure)

Light green rose - Youth (spend a beautiful youth with you)

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