The moral of Koi

Koi refers to everything related to good luck. If there are lucky people, or things that can bring good luck. Koi, originally a high-grade ornamental fish, has great ornamental value and is deeply loved by people.

Originally, it specifically refers to several kinds of carp with beautiful designs and colors. Because they are often expensive and have more than a symbol of name, they have been loved by rich people since ancient times. This kind of animal, which is mostly raised by the rich, in turn makes it more rich and lucky.

The moral of Koi

Koi has long been a legend in China that "carp jump over the dragon's gate". It is said that carp who can jump over the dragon's gate waterfall of the Yellow River can become a dragon. In Japan, carp represents the unswerving and heroic spirit. Their beards also represent wisdom and knowledge.

The moral of Koi

The traditional carp tattoo is usually on the forearm or leg, while the dragon tattoo is on the back. It is hoped that young people can become pillars through their own efforts like carp jumping over the dragon's gate. Different shapes of carp (color, number of whiskers, size ratio, etc.) symbolize different expectations for the future: health, strength, and even becoming the dragon among people.

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