Use of satellites

Artificial satellites are mainly used in scientific exploration and research, weather forecasting, land resources investigation, land use, regional planning, communication, tracking, navigation and other fields.

Artificial earth satellite refers to an unmanned spacecraft that orbits the earth and operates in space orbit for more than one circle. Artificial satellite for short. Artificial satellite is the spacecraft with the largest number of launches, the widest use and the fastest development.

Use of satellites

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Different satellite uses:

Reconnaissance satellite - used in military affairs to steal the other party's military intelligence.

Resource satellite - used for comprehensive investigation of natural resources on earth.

Meteorological satellite - used to observe and study meteorological conditions in space.

Communication satellite - used for radio, television, telephone and other communication, mainly synchronous satellite.

Use of satellites

Scientific experiment satellite - used to investigate geological, geographical, marine and geospatial phenomena on the earth.

Astronomical observation satellite - used to observe cosmic objects.

Navigation satellite - used for navigation.

Geodetic satellite - used for geological survey and ore prospecting.

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