What's mom's name

Mother's mother is called Grandmother and grandmother. Different dialects in different places have different appellations for grandparents and maternal grandparents. For example, in northern China, grandparents are called grandparents and grandparents are called grandparents. In Cantonese, grandparents are called Grandpa, Yi, or a ye and a Yi, and grandparents are called father-in-law and mother-in-law.

What's mom's name

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In Minnan, both grandparents and grandparents call grandpa and grandma (or Grandpa and grandma more specifically). In Wu dialect, they are called grandparents, dady and milk. In Weinan area of Shaanxi Province, grandfather is called grandpa and grandmother is called grandma. The same appellation refers to different people in different dialects. For example, in northern Chinese, "father-in-law" and "mother-in-law" are the parents of the husband called by the daughter-in-law, while in Cantonese, "master" and "grandmother" are the parents of the husband.

What's mom's name

In addition, in some regions, such as Northern Zhejiang, grandparents and maternal grandparents refer to different objects because of different marriages. For example, when the man enters the family as a son-in-law, the mother's parents become the child's grandparents (i.e. grandparents), the man's parents become grandparents (i.e. grandparents), and the child takes the mother's surname. When both men and women marry equally (such as equal economic strength and the same surname), both parents can be called grandparents, thus giving up the title of maternal grandparents. Accordingly, the titles of uncles and uncles will also be changed.

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