Does private enterprise mean private enterprise

Private enterprises do not mean private enterprises. Private enterprises and private enterprises are completely different concepts. The private sector is said from the operating mechanism, the private sector is said from the property right, and the latter is protected by relevant laws. The former only existed in academic theory. Although people often say this in actual operation, there is no private statistical caliber in the industrial and commercial sector, but there are statistics of private science and technology enterprises in the science and technology sector.

Does private enterprise mean private enterprise

Private is a concept of non-state-owned and state-owned, that is, all non-state-owned and state-owned can be called private. Private is not equal to private. Under the actual conditions of our country, private economy includes individual industrial and commercial households, private enterprises, private science and technology enterprises, foreign-funded economy, township enterprises, cooperative or joint-stock cooperative enterprises, joint-stock enterprises that are not controlled by China and state-owned private enterprises.

Does private enterprise mean private enterprise

Private enterprises are state-owned enterprises. As long as they are non-state-owned enterprises, they can be called private enterprises. Private enterprise is a legal concept. As long as there are more than eight employees, all enterprises with private property rights belong to private enterprises. The difference between private enterprises and private enterprises is mainly reflected in the concept. The former is from the mode of operation, while the latter is from the perspective of property rights.

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