Are the things that bats touch poisonous

There is no poison left in what bats touch. However, if you are scratched or bitten by a bat, it is best to use soapy water to clean the wound, and timely go to the hospital to inject hemorrhagic fever vaccine and human rabies virus vaccine, so as to reduce the risk of human infection with rabies virus or hemorrhagic fever.

Are the things that bats touch poisonous

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Bats are a kind of animals under the phylum cristae and Mammalia. They are the only mammals that can really fly; In addition to the characteristics of general mammals, there are a series of morphological characteristics adapted to flight. Bats have strong flight ability. At the same time, they are also the natural host of a variety of zoonotic viruses, and can carry dozens of viruses.

Are the things that bats touch poisonous

Bats adapt to their ability to fly and live at night, and a series of important changes have taken place in their physiological functions. Usually bats have poor vision, but their hearing is very developed. They can fly freely and catch food accurately at night or in a very dark environment

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