The implication of eating traditional food at the beginning of summer

Eating eggs at the beginning of summer has the meaning of "eating eggs at the beginning of summer does not stop summer in hot weather".

It is said that from the beginning of summer, the weather is sunny and warm and gradually hot. Many people, especially children, will feel physical fatigue, limb weakness, loss of appetite and gradually lose weight, which is called "summer". Empress Nuwa told the people that every year on the day of the beginning of summer, children should hang cooked chicken, duck and goose eggs on their chest to avoid summer. Therefore, the custom of eating eggs on the beginning of summer has continued until now.

The implication of eating traditional food at the beginning of summer

Many places have the custom of eating "summer eggs", which means that eating eggs in summer can prevent the common summer symptoms such as loss of appetite, fatigue, weakness and weight loss. What Lixia often eats is boiled tea eggs. The day before Lixia, eggs will be boiled. Fennel, cinnamon and ginger are added to the tea to boil the eggs into tea eggs.

The implication of eating traditional food at the beginning of summer

Traditional Chinese medicine also believes that people should adapt to the changes of weather and focus on the heart at the turn of spring and summer. At the beginning of summer, the blood of the elderly is easy to stagnate and the blood vessels are easy to block. Every morning, you can eat a little onion and drink a little wine to promote the circulation of blood and heart vessels, so as to prevent the occurrence of heart disease. After the beginning of summer, the weather gradually turns hot, and the diet should be light. It should focus on foods that are easy to digest and rich in vitamins. Eat less big fish and meat and greasy and spicy foods. You can drink more milk, eat more bean products, chicken and lean meat, which can not only supplement nutrition, but also play a role in strengthening your heart.

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