Is the place where bats climb poisonous

The places where bats climb are generally free of poison. However, for the sake of safety, don't touch the places where bats climb. If there are places where bats climb at home, it is recommended to disinfect with 84 disinfectant. The best way is to wash and then expose to the sun, or dry clean and expose to the sun. Be careful not to let bats in at home. Check whether there are gaps in doors, windows and air conditioning pipes to prevent bats from entering.

Is the place where bats climb poisonous

Bats have strong flight ability. At the same time, they are also the natural host of a variety of zoonotic viruses, and can carry dozens of viruses. Bats adapt to their ability to fly and live at night, and a series of important changes have taken place in their physiological functions. Usually bats have poor vision, but their hearing is extremely developed. They can fly freely and catch food accurately at night or in a very dark environment.

Is the place where bats climb poisonous

As for driving bats, you should also pay attention. After all, bats carry a lot of viruses. If you can't drive them well, you will be bitten by bats. If you are bitten by bats, it will be tragic, so you must pay attention. So how do you drive bats? In fact, it's very simple. Bats are afraid of light, so turn on all the lights in the house, and then shine with a strong flashlight. The premise is to open the windows and doors, and the bats will fly away.

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