Traditional musical instruments of Miao Nationality

The traditional musical instruments of Miao nationality include Lusheng, suona, Xiaodi, huqin, Yueqin, etc. In primitive society, Miao nationality is a tribe with leaves as clothes, caves or tree nests as homes and women as leaders, which is reflected in a large number of ancient songs of Miao nationality.

Miao costumes have many styles and colorful colors, among which Miao women's costumes have more than 100 styles, which can be called the most of Chinese national costumes. Miao people like to eat sour. Almost every family makes sour soup, pickled vegetables, hot and sour, pickled fish, and Miao's sour soup is famous for its tender fish, fresh soup, fragrance and delicious.

Traditional musical instruments of Miao Nationality

According to historical documents and Miao reputation data, Miao ancestors first lived in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River. Their ancestors were Chiyou. In the "three Miao" era, they migrated to Jianghan Plain. Later, due to war and other reasons, they gradually migrated south and West into the southwest mountainous area and Yungui Gaoyuan. Since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, some Miao people migrated to Southeast Asian countries and from these places to Europe and America in modern times.

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