What's the meaning of haunted sun eye

Ghost sun eye means that someone's behavior is very strange and strange. It is a dialect of Yun, GUI and Chuan, and also known as "ghost name sun eye", which means: Ghost head, ghost brain, derogatory word. It is often used to describe people and things that are very bad and dirty. It mostly refers to someone's behavior, which is very strange, strange, thin and painted, and unreasonable. It is often used to describe people's heart, machine heavy, unkind, bad-minded, selfishness and selfishness.

What's the meaning of haunted sun eye

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Sichuan dialect, also known as Bashu dialect, belongs to southwest mandarin. Today, Sichuan dialect was formed during the great immigration movement of "Huguang filling Sichuan" during the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty. It was formed by the gradual evolution and integration of Shu language popular in Sichuan before the Ming Dynasty and immigrant dialects from Huguang, Guangdong, Jiangxi and other places.

What's the meaning of haunted sun eye

The meaning of ghost sun eye on different occasions:

1. If it is a work style, it means "bad work, no rules, no reason".

2. If a girl says to a boy that she is obsessed with the sun's eyes: she is very dirty and hates his style.

3. If it is a quarrel, it means that the ghost's eyes are sneaky.

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