What is Simi made of

Sago is a starch extracted from the pith of sago palm and processed by hand.

Sago is also called sago. Xigu rice is produced in the Nanyang islands. It is a starch prepared by taking the pith of the palm plant Shamu and using the ordinary starch making method through the processes of crushing, pulp screening, filtration, repeated rinsing, precipitation and drying. When the starch is semi dried, shake it into fine particles, and then dry it, that is, sago rice.

What is Simi made of

Sago palm grows in low-lying swamps. When the fruit forms and matures, it absorbs starch and makes the stem hollow. The tree dies when the fruit is ripe. The cultivated sago palm is cut off and split when the flower ears appear, take out the flower ears containing starch and grind them into powder, add water, knead them above the filter, filter out the wood fiber, and wash them several times to obtain sago flour. The sago transported abroad is made into a paste by adding water, and then rubbed through a sieve to make particles. It is divided into Pearl Sago or projectile sago according to the particle size.

What is Simi made of

In the southwest Pacific, sago is the main food, and its coarse powder is used to make soup, cakes and pudding; Around the world, the main way to eat is to make pudding or sauce thickener. Used as stiffening agent in textile industry. In SELAN Island, Borneo, Indonesia, the area of simi palm forest is huge. A large amount of sago produced in Borneo is imported into Europe. Due to the increasing demand, the planting area is also expanding.

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