The difference between cheese and cheese

There is no difference between cheese and cheese. The transliteration of cheese is cheese. The main raw material for making cheese is milk, which is recognized as a good nutritional product. Making 1kg of cheese requires about 10kg of milk. Therefore, cheese is also known as "milk gold".

The difference between cheese and cheese

Method of raw cheese:

Pour the fresh milk into the bucket, stir and extract the cream, and place the pure milk in a hot place to ferment. When the fresh milk has sour taste, pour it into the pot and boil it. When the yogurt takes the shape of tofu, scoop it into gauze and squeeze it to remove water. Then, put the milk residue into a mold or wooden plate, or squeeze it into shape, or cut it into squares with a knife, and the raw cheese is made successfully. Most people put a few pieces of cheese in their bags in case of need.

The difference between cheese and cheese

Cooked cheese:

When making cooked cheese, first put the remaining fresh milk from the boiled milk skin or the fresh milk after extracting cream for a few days to ferment. When the yogurt is condensed into soft blocks, filter the excess water with gauze, put it into the pot and cook slowly, stir while cooking. When it is paste, scoop it into the gauze, squeeze it to remove the water, and then put the milk residue into the mold or wooden plate, or squeeze it into shape, or draw it into different shapes with a knife. After the cheese is made, it should be placed in the sun or in a ventilated place to harden and dry.

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