What kind of garbage does corn kernel belong to

Corn kernels are wet waste. Wet waste, also known as kitchen waste and organic waste, namely perishable waste, refers to perishable biomass domestic waste such as food material waste, leftovers, expired food, melon skin and fruit core, flower green plants, traditional Chinese medicine residue and so on.

Wet waste is the waste generated in residents' daily life, food processing, catering services, unit feeding and other activities, including discarded vegetable leaves, leftovers, leftovers, peel, eggshell, tea residue, bones, animal viscera, fish scales, leaves, weeds, etc. its main sources are family kitchens, restaurants, restaurants, canteens, markets and other industries related to food processing.

What kind of garbage does corn kernel belong to

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Garbage classification is a reform of the traditional way of garbage collection and disposal. It is a scientific management method for effective disposal of garbage. Facing the increasing waste output and the deterioration of environmental conditions, how to maximize the utilization of waste resources, reduce the number of waste disposal and improve the living environment through waste classification management is an urgent problem of common concern all over the world.

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