Can I get on the plane with a 28 inch suitcase

The 28 inch suitcase can be taken on the plane, but it can't be carried with you and needs to be checked. The volume of carry on baggage on the plane shall not exceed 20 × forty × 55 cm (21 inches), more than it needs to be checked. The weight of checked baggage shall not exceed 50kg and the volume shall be 40 × sixty × 100 cm. Each passenger has a free baggage allowance.

Can I get on the plane with a 28 inch suitcase

During the trip, you can take sporadic small items for free. Airlines have restrictions on volume and weight. Each person can carry one item, and the volume of each item shall not exceed 20 × forty × 55cm, weighing no more than 5kg. First class passengers can carry two items less than five kilograms. Lighters, liquids, knives, etc. shall not be taken on the aircraft as personal belongings.

Can I get on the plane with a 28 inch suitcase

When flying, it is not allowed to carry lithium batteries in checked baggage. Only personal consumer electronic devices (watches, calculators, cameras, mobile phones, laptops, camcorders, etc.) containing lithium or lithium-ion battery cells or batteries can be carried with you. The backup battery must be individually protected against short circuit and can only be carried in hand luggage. Each person is limited to 2 spare batteries.

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