Can the curly hair stick get on the plane

Curly hair sticks can be taken on the plane. Most of the hair curling rods are made of insulating shell or plastic shell, which is relatively safe and non-conductive. At the same time, curly hair sticks are not prohibited items, nor are they in the list of items prohibited to carry on the aircraft.

Can the curly hair stick get on the plane

Items you can carry with you by plane:

1. When taking domestic flights: the total weight of hand baggage carried on shall not exceed 5kg, and the volume of each item shall not exceed 20 * 40 * 55cm. If it exceeds the limit of the specified number, weight or volume, the airline will require the baggage to be checked in.

2. Liquid single bottle packaging (container volume) shall not exceed 100ml, and the total volume shall not exceed 1000ml. Only in this way can you take it with you, such as skin care products, shampoo, shower gel, etc. if it exceeds, you must check it in. Note: perfume is limited to 500 milliliters.

Can the curly hair stick get on the plane

3. The camera, computer, power bank, camera and electronic watch can all get on the plane, but the rated energy of the power bank should be less than 1000WH and can be carried with you. Note: each person can only bring 2 at most.

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