What are the traditional customs of Qingming Festival

Traditional customs of Qingming Festival: outing, tree planting, kite flying, tomb sweeping and ancestor worship, inserting willows, etc.

Qingming Festival carries rich cultural connotation in the historical development. There are differences in the content or details of Customs due to different regions in China. Although the festival activities are different in different regions, tomb sweeping, ancestor worship and outing are the common basic etiquette and customs themes.

What are the traditional customs of Qingming Festival

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Qingming Festival is the most important sacrificial festival in China. The date is generally on April 5 of the Gregorian calendar. Since ancient times, Chinese people have the concept of respecting their ancestors and cautiously pursuing the future. Therefore, the tradition of Spring Festival sacrifice has gradually formed in the Qingming Festival. On Tomb Sweeping Day every year, many places hold various commemorative activities in different forms to remember the revolutionary ancestors and commemorate the battle heroes.

Tomb Sweeping during the Qingming Festival is called "Tomb sacrifice", which means "respect for the time" to our ancestors. Ancestor sweeping is a way of remembering our ancestors, and its custom has a long history.

There are some differences in Qingming sacrifice around Qingming. According to custom, people usually start to sweep tombs on the morning of Qingming Festival. The ways or projects of worshiping Qing Dynasty vary from place to place. The common practice consists of two parts: one is to renovate the tomb, the other is to hang and burn paper money and offer sacrifices.

What are the traditional customs of Qingming Festival

When sweeping the tomb, first renovate the tomb. The main method is to remove weeds, cultivate new soil, and then kowtow to worship. On the one hand, this behavior can express the worshippers' filial piety and care for their ancestors. On the other hand, in the belief of the ancients, the tombs of ancestors have a great relationship with the rise and fall of future generations, so cultivating tombs is a sacrificial content that can not be ignored.

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