Where is Budweiser beer produced

Budweiser beer originated in Bujie jovice, Czech Republic. Bujie jovice is a city of beer. Budweiser beer is known as the "king of beer". Budweiser beer is generally divided into lager and ale. The difference between them is that lager ferments from below and ale ferments from above. Generally speaking, lager tastes more refreshing than ale.

Where is Budweiser beer produced

Budweiser beer needs 30 days of brewing process. The recommended drinking time is within 110 days. It needs to be stored in a cool place. Budweiser beer was originally named by the company's boss Adolphus Busch. He named it according to the German pronunciation, which means that there are delicious beer not only in Germany but also in the United States.

Where is Budweiser beer produced

The best thing about Budweiser beer is that it is only made of pure natural materials with the best quality, with rigorous process control, through natural fermentation and low-temperature storage. Budweiser beer has strict material selection and high requirements, ranking first in the same industry.

No artificial ingredients, additives or preservatives are used throughout the process. In the fermentation process, hundreds of years of traditional beech fermentation technology is used to make the Budweiser beer particularly clear, refreshing and mellow.

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