Where did the change come from

"When studying heaven and man, we can understand the changes of ancient and modern times" comes from the book of reporting ren'an by Sima Qian, a historian of the Western Han Dynasty. The original sentence is: "when studying heaven and man, we can understand the changes of ancient and modern times and become the words of a family".

"Studying the relationship between heaven and human beings, through the changes of ancient and modern times" means to explore the relationship between heaven and personnel, and understand the laws of the rise and fall of ancient and modern times.

Where did the change come from

Extended data:

"Bao Ren an Shu" is a reply letter written by Sima Qian, a historian and writer of the Western Han Dynasty, to his friend Ren an. It was created in 93 BC and is known as a strange text through the ages. Through Sima Qian's statement of his unfortunate experience, this paper expresses the author's inner pain. The article uses a large number of allusions, the sentence pattern of parallelism, and the rhetorical devices of duality, quotation and exaggeration are interspersed in it. It is the most important prose works of Sima Qian.

Where did the change come from

Sima Qian:

Sima Qian, the son of Sima Tan, is a historian, writer and thinker in the Western Han Dynasty. He is respected by later generations as Shi Qian, Tai Shi Gong and the father of history.

His family is knowledgeable. At the age of 38, he officially became a Taishi order. He was executed by the palace for defending Li Ling's defeat. He endured great physical and mental torture, inherited his father's career and wrote history.

He created the first biographical general history of China, historical records (formerly known as Taishi Gongshu). It is recognized as a model of Chinese history books. The book records a history of more than 3000 years from the legendary period of the Yellow Emperor in ancient times to the first year of Yuanshou of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty. It is the first of the "twenty-six histories". It is praised by Lu Xun as "the masterpiece of historians and the Lisao without rhyme".

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