How to choose watermelon raw and cooked

How to select raw and ripe watermelon:

1. Look

Choose a melon with deep grain and transparent green skin. Those with furry surface, dim luster, unclear flower spots and lines are immature melons.

2. Touch

Choose the one that feels smooth and round, and don't choose the one that feels astringent.

3. Knock

When knocking watermelon, if there is an obvious sense of vibration on your hand, it indicates that the melon pulp is vibrating and the watermelon is ripe.

4. Listen

When your fingers knock on the melon and hear the sound of "bang bang", it is a cooked melon; Those who hear the sound of "Dangdang" are not ripe yet, and those who hear the sound of "puff" are over cooked melons.

How to choose watermelon raw and cooked

Extended data:

Watermelon is an annual vine with stout stems and branches, thick tendrils, pubescent, thick petioles and dense pubescence. Its leaves are paper, triangular ovate in outline, white green, large fruit, nearly spherical or oval, fleshy, juicy and smooth peel. Watermelon likes warm and dry climate and is not resistant to cold. Its original seed may come from Africa. It has been widely cultivated in the tropical and temperate zones of the world for a long time. It was introduced into China in the Jin and Yuan Dynasties.

How to choose watermelon raw and cooked

Edible value of watermelon:

1. Lower blood pressure

Watermelon contains substances that can reduce blood pressure. Therefore, people with high blood pressure often eat watermelon, which can reduce blood pressure.

2. Relieving summer heat and generating fluid

Watermelon is sweet and juicy. It tastes crisp. It can be eaten raw or juiced. It is an excellent pure natural drink. It is rich in a variety of nutrients, which are very beneficial to the human body. Watermelon is cold and sweet in nature. It can produce saliva and quench thirst. It is suitable for irritability in summer heat, sore tongue, drink more thirst and sore throat.

3. Beauty

Watermelon contains nutritious watermelon juice, and the fresh and tender peel of watermelon can also be eaten. Watermelon peel and watermelon flesh are beneficial to women's beauty, making our skin more ruddy and shiny.

4. Diuretic detumescence

Due to the diuretic effect of watermelon and large water content, the urine volume after eating watermelon will increase, so as to reduce the content of bile pigment and smooth stool, which has a certain effect on the treatment of jaundice. In addition, the diuretic effect of watermelon can also excrete salt out of the body and reduce edema, especially in the legs.

5. Eliminate fatigue

Watermelon is rich in potassium, which can quickly supplement the potassium easily lost with sweat in summer, avoid muscle weakness and fatigue, and drive away burnout.

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