What traditional food does Xiaoshu eat

In the summer, we eat three treasures, mutton, noodles, dumplings, cucumbers and boiled eggs.

Xiaoshu, the eleventh of the twenty-four solar terms, is the end of the afternoon month and the beginning of the next month in the Ganzhi calendar.

Summer heat means hot. Small summer heat is small heat, not very hot. It means it's getting hot, but it's not the hottest yet. The arrival of "Xiaoshu" means that it is about to enter dog days.

What traditional food does Xiaoshu eat

1. Three treasures

The arrival of summer heat means that it is about to enter dog days. At this time, the weather is hot, the human body sweats a lot and consumes a lot. For health care, we must pay attention to supplement physical strength, antipyretic and heatstroke prevention. In this season, people always have the custom of eating three treasures - eel, honey lotus root and mung bean sprouts.

2. Mutton

During the summer heat, the human body's Yang is strong. In addition, the nature is also hot and humid. Drinking mutton soup can form "internal and external attack", so that the cold in the body can be expelled outside the body, which can play the effect of dispersing cold in the middle of temperature and warming Qi and blood, so as to achieve the purpose of treating winter diseases in summer.

What traditional food does Xiaoshu eat

3. Noodles

The custom of eating noodles in the Fu sun began at least in the Three Kingdoms period. According to Wei's spring and Autumn Annals, "take a towel to wipe off sweat and look bright". The soup cake here is hot soup noodles.

4. Dumplings

It is a traditional custom to eat dumplings on the first day. People have a poor appetite and are often thinner than usual. It is commonly called bitter summer, and dumplings are appetizing food in traditional customs.

5. Cucumber and boiled egg

Some places in Shandong eat raw cucumbers and boiled eggs to cure bitter summer. They eat eggs in the morning and don't eat other food.

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