Can the power bank pass the subway security check

Charging treasure can pass the subway security inspection in most areas, but it is prohibited in some areas. For example, in Wuhan, the catalogue of prohibited articles for passengers in Wuhan Rail Transit stipulates that charging treasure and lithium battery with a total capacity of more than 20000 Ma will be prohibited from taking the subway. In addition, Guangzhou metro also put forward the proposal of "passengers should not use mobile power supply in the subway".

Can the power bank pass the subway security check

At present, only the airport has restrictions on the carrying of charging treasure. Charging treasure exceeding 20000 Ma can not be carried on the plane. At most, only two charging treasure can be carried on the plane, and the charging treasure can not be checked. When using the power bank, if overheating, expansion and other abnormalities are found, it shall be stopped immediately.

Can the power bank pass the subway security check

The following items are strictly prohibited to take into the station:

1、 Firearms, military or police equipment.

2、 Explosives such as bullets, explosives, detonators, fuses, detonating cords, fireworks, firecrackers, etc.

3、 Control tools such as dagger, trigonal scraper and spring knife with self-locking device.

4、 Inflammables and explosives, such as hydrogen.

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