Can egg tarts be made in the microwave

sure. The method is: separate the egg yolk and egg white, put white granulated sugar into the egg yolk, break it up, then pour in milk and condensed milk, and stir evenly; Pour the milk into the egg tart skin; Put it into the microwave oven and heat it for 20-25 minutes. When baking egg tarts in the microwave oven, it's best to open the microwave oven once or twice to check the heating progress, so as to avoid the egg yolk liquid from being scorched by the fire.

Can egg tarts be made in the microwave

Detailed method:

1. Pour condensed milk, light cream and milk into a bowl and add white granulated sugar or soft white sugar. You can put it in the microwave for one minute to accelerate the melting.

2. Take out the egg yolk with the egg white separator. Shake it slightly from left to right to speed up getting rid of the egg white. Be careful not to use brute force.

3. Put the egg yolk into a bowl and stir together. Pay attention to manual mixing.

4. Prepare the egg tart skin, place it flat, pour the egg tart liquid evenly, put it into the light wave barbecue function of the microwave oven, and heat it for 20-25 minutes.

Can egg tarts be made in the microwave

Egg tart is a kind of Western pie made of egg paste. It is called egg tart in Taiwan. "Tart" is a transliteration of English "tart", which means pie with exposed filling. Egg tart is a "start" with egg paste as filling.

In addition to egg tarts, you can also make donkey rolls, potato chips, cakes and other foods in the microwave oven.

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