Can corn starch be used as jelly

Corn starch can be made into jelly. Corn starch, also known as corn starch, commonly known as six grain powder, is a white light yellow powder.

Corn starch is made from corn impregnated with 0.3% sulfite through crushing, screening, precipitation, drying, grinding and other processes. Ordinary products contain a small amount of fat and protein.

Can corn starch be used as jelly


1. Take a cup of starch, add a small amount of water and mix well to form starch paste;

2. Add water to boil the pot after scalding (it is easy to clean the paste sticking to the pot with water after scalding), slowly pour the starch paste into the pot and stir while pouring;

3. Stir while heating until it becomes transparent;

4. Put the burnt batter into a plate (the basin can be smeared with oil, which is easy to separate), scrape it flat, and refrigerate it in the refrigerator until it solidifies;

Can corn starch be used as jelly

5. Turn the dish of jelly upside down and cut it into strips or pieces;

6. Scald chili oil and pour salt, peanuts, ginger and other seasonings on the jelly;

7. Add soy sauce or balsamic vinegar according to taste.

Corn starch is most commonly used for thickening, for example, to help soften meat and thicken soup. Its thickening principle is that it has the characteristics of water absorption, adhesion and smoothness with the help of starch in the case of hot gelatinization. When the dish approaches maturity, pour the prepared powder juice into the pot to thicken the brine and increase the adhesion of the brine to the raw materials, so as to increase the powder and concentration of the dish soup and improve the color and taste of the dish.

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