What's uncle's wife's name

An uncle's wife is called an aunt, and an aunt should call herself a nephew or niece. Aunt, also known as aunt and aunt, can also be an uncle's wife. Uncle's wife is called aunt, uncle's wife should be called aunt. The modern word "Uncle" is a respectful name for father and brother. In ancient words, the father's second brother is called "Uncle", the father's sister-in-law is called "aunt", and the husband's brother is called "Uncle".

What's uncle's wife's name

Paternal address:

Uncle: father's brother, also known as uncle, uncle, uncle (northern dialect), Dadi (also known as Dadi, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi and its surrounding dialects);

Aunt: uncle's wife;

Uncle: father's brother, also known as uncle and uncle;

Aunt: uncle's wife;

Aunt: father's sister, also known as aunt and aunt;

Uncle: my aunt's husband.

What's uncle's wife's name

Matriarchal Title:

Uncle: mother's brother, also known as uncle;

Aunt: uncle's wife;

Aunt: mother's sister, also known as aunt and aunt;

Uncle: aunt's husband.

When appellation is used in Chinese traditional culture, it follows the hierarchical boundary, divides the elders and children, and is in good order. Traditionally, it is unacceptable to call elders by their first names. Therefore, according to various kinship relationships, various traditional and customary appellations have been formed. In the evolution of Chinese, appellation also forms a system according to geographical location, living customs and other factors.

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