Are frogs good insects

Frogs are good insects. Frogs prey on a large number of field pests and are beneficial to humans. A frog can catch more than 70 insects a day and night. If calculated in seven or eight months a year, it can catch more than 15000 insects. Moreover, it catches mostly fruit flower insects, locusts, borers, rice planthoppers, floating dust, weevils, longicorn beetles, mole crickets and other pests harmful to crops and fruit trees. Therefore, frog is a kind of animal beneficial to agriculture.

Are frogs good insects

Frog is an amphibian belonging to the phylum chordate, Amphibia, Anura and Ranidae. The adult has no tail. The eggs are produced in water, fertilized in vitro, hatched into tadpoles and breathe with gills. After variation, the adult mainly breathes with lungs and skin.

Strictly speaking, frogs are not a class of insects. They do not belong to Insecta, but to amphibia. They are a class of amphibians. So in fact, it should be called beneficial frog, but people will habitually call it beneficial insect.

Are frogs good insects

Frogs not only contribute to the protection of crops, but also provide meaningful enlightenment to the study of bionics. Scientists have imitated the structure of frog eyes and made "electronic frog eyes", which can remotely control aircraft in high altitude, and ground commanders can also command the lifting and lowering of aircraft.

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