Do hedgehogs hibernate

Hedgehogs need to hibernate. Hedgehogs are heterothermophilic animals. They can't stably regulate their body temperature in winter, so they will hibernate due to maintaining their body temperature in cold weather.

Hedgehogs hibernate at the end of autumn and don't wake up until the next spring when the temperature will be warm to a certain extent. When hibernating in the nest, the body temperature drops to 9 degrees. Breathe 1-10 times / min.

Hibernating hedgehogs wake up occasionally, but don't eat, and soon fall asleep again. Dead branches and fallen leaves are hedgehogs' favorite hibernation places. They use twigs and weeds to build hibernating nests.

Do hedgehogs hibernate

Hedgehogs are typical allotherms. The thermoregulation mechanism of this kind of animals is between variable temperature animals and constant temperature animals; For example, some animals such as hedgehogs can maintain a fairly constant body temperature in the non hibernation period, just like constant temperature animals, but they enter the hibernation state in the hibernation season, and their body temperature is maintained at about 2 ℃ above the ambient temperature, which changes with the change of the environment.

Do hedgehogs hibernate

Hedgehog is a very lonely animal. Living in the Bush, it is timid and easy to be frightened. It likes quiet and hates noise. It likes darkness and is afraid of light, heat and cold. Hedgehogs are slow-moving and usually come out at night. Hedgehogs dig holes as nests. They hide in the nest during the day and come out after dusk. Hedgehogs can generally resist many kinds of poisons, but they can't resist pesticides. Sometimes they are poisoned by eating insects killed by pesticides.

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