Is crystal mud poisonous

Crystal mud is poisonous. Crystal mud, also known as "shrem mud", is inseparable from borax and borax water. Borax is a chemical product, usually a white powder containing colorless crystals, which is easily soluble in water. It has the function of disinfection and bacteriostasis in medicine, and is also commonly used in the fields of pesticides, cosmetics and so on. The most important thing is that borax is highly toxic. The scientific name of borax is sodium tetraborate. The toxic dose for adults is 1 g to 3 G, and the lethal dose for adults is 15 G.

China's food hygiene law and the measures for the hygienic management of food additives explicitly prohibit the use of borax as a food additive.

Is crystal mud poisonous

Crystal mud features:

1. Strong water absorption. After full water absorption, the weight can reach 40-80 times of the body weight, and the volume can grow to 200 times or even 600 times.

2. Many applications: daily home greening, office greening, public decoration, etc.

3. It can be reused. Planting and breeding plants has very high ornamental value.

Is crystal mud poisonous

Precautions for using crystal mud:

1. The product should be stored in a cool and dry place and sealed. It can be stored for 2-3 years. Moisture absorption will not affect the use.

2. This variety of flowers and plants should not be directly exposed to the sun. They should be placed in a place out of the reach of young children to avoid accidental eating.

3. The plant of this variety can be raised without watering and fertilization for a long time. It only needs to spray a little water on the surface of the crystal block in time (2-4 weeks), and it can be used repeatedly after water expansion.

4. After the crystal mud is dirty, it can be rinsed with water and drained, and can be used again. You can also wash the crystal mud and dry it in the shade for the next foaming.

5. The crystal mud can be soaked in mineral water or purified water to obtain Zui good results. Because the tap water contains chlorine, it is easy to bleach the color of the crystal mud. Please note that the water must be drained before putting it into the vase.

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