What's the name of Apple voice assistant

Apple's voice assistant is Siri. Siri is the acronym of speech interpretation & recognition interface, which originally means voice recognition interface. It is a voice assistant applied by apple on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, homepod and other products. With Siri, users can read text messages, introduce restaurants, ask weather, voice set alarm clock, etc.

What's the name of Apple voice assistant

Why is Apple's voice assistant Siri:

According to Susan Bennett from Atlanta, the voiceover behind Siri, Siri's original development team has an engineer DAG kittlau from Norway. At that time, in the team, he was assigned to name the company's newly developed voice assistant solution. From Norway, he chose Siri because Siri means "a beautiful woman who guides you to victory" in Norwegian.

What's the name of Apple voice assistant

Siri can support natural language input, and can call the weather forecast, schedule, search data and other applications of the system. It can also continuously learn new sounds and intonations and provide conversational responses. Siri can transform iphone4s and above (iPad 3 and above) into an intelligent robot.

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