What's your brother's wife's name

Brother's daughter-in-law can be called sister-in-law or sister-in-law. Some people will call sister, which makes her look more intimate. The wife's brother is called brother-in-law, which can be called brother directly.

Although the written, oral, personal and face-to-face appellations are different, their essential generations are the same, and their connotation is exactly the same. Brother's wife: sister-in-law; Cousin's wife: cousin's wife; Cousin's wife: sister-in-law.

What's your brother's wife's name

Extended data:

1. Wife's sister: aunt. Meaning: in local dialect, many places in the North call his wife's sister sister sister-in-law or sister in general. Some places in the South call his wife's sister-in-law.

2. Wife's brother: brother in law. Meaning: kinship appellation refers to the eldest brother-in-law, that is, the eldest brother-in-law. In some places, it is also called the eldest brother. It refers to the brother whose husband calls his wife. It is generally honored as the brother. It is the same in both north and south.

What's your brother's wife's name

3. Husband's sister: eldest sister-in-law. Husband's sister, mostly used in oral English.

4. Husband's brother: uncle. Meaning: kinship appellation, that is, the appellation of a married woman to her husband and brother.

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