What does high speed interval speed measurement mean

High speed section speed measurement means that two adjacent speed measurement points are arranged on the same road section, the average driving speed of the vehicle on the road section is calculated by measuring the time when the vehicle passes through the front and rear speed measurement points, and whether the vehicle is speeding or violating the rules is determined according to the speed limit standard on the road section. At the same time, the information of traffic illegal vehicles is released in real time on the LED screen, To inform illegal vehicles and warn more vehicles.

What does high speed interval speed measurement mean

The principle of interval speed measurement is very simple. There will be two cameras at a certain distance on the highway, usually 30 km. When the car passes two cameras, the electronic device will record the time when the car passes this distance, so as to judge whether the owner is speeding. The cameras and electronic equipment for interval speed measurement are very advanced, and the capture accuracy is close to 100%.

What does high speed interval speed measurement mean

In the past, when the driver is familiar with the speed measuring points, the single point velocimeter can reduce the speed by braking to avoid punishment, which is easy to cause rear end collision accidents. The interval speed measurement adopts the method of calculating the average speed to detect whether the vehicle is speeding, blocking the opportunistic means of the driver, which is more scientific and fair.

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