The difference between cherry and cherry

The difference between cherries and cherries:

1. Different appearance

Chelizi is large, sweet and juicy, and the peel is generally dark red; Cherry is small in size, light in peel color and sweet and sour in taste.

2. Different shelf life

Chelizi skin is thicker and longer shelf life, which is resistant to transportation; Cherry has thin skin and short shelf life, which is more suitable for picking fresh food.

3. Different nutritional value

Cherry and cherries have little difference in nutritional value. The difference is that cherries have a particularly high iron content, ranking first among all kinds of fruits.

The difference between cherry and cherry

Extended data:


Cherizi, also known as European sweet cherry, also known as sweet cherry and European cherry, is a cherry plant in Rosaceae. Cherizi was originally born in Europe, northwest Africa and Western Asia. It is distributed from the British Isles to Morocco and Tunisia in the south, to southern Sweden, Poland, Ukraine, Caucasus and northern Iran in the East, and also in a small range in the southern Himalayas. It mainly grows in areas with an altitude of 1200 to 2000 meters. There are also introduced cherry fruit trees in China.

The difference between cherry and cherry


Cherry, a Rosaceae cherry plant, is recognized as the "king of natural VC" and "fruit of life" in the world. Cherry is native to the Caribbean of the West Indies in tropical America. Its bark is gray white, its twigs are gray brown, its twigs are green, glabrous or sparsely pilose, its winter buds are ovate, glabrous, and its leaves are ovate or oblong ovate. The drupe is nearly spherical or ovoid, red to purple black, sweet and slightly sour in taste, and the pulp tastes pure and beautiful. Cherry is mainly distributed in Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning and other places in China.

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