Does the washing machine wash shoes

The washing machine can wash shoes, but try not to.

1. The washing machine will constantly rub and collide with the shoes when working and rotating. The high-speed running bucket will touch the shoes, which will cause damage to the shoes and affect the service life of the shoes.

2. Shoes are different from clothes. They are contaminated with a lot of dirt. Sometimes some small stones are stuck under the sole of the shoes. If you throw the shoes directly into the washing machine, it is easy to cause damage to the washing machine.

Does the washing machine wash shoes

How to properly use the washing machine to wash shoes:

1. Make sure your shoes are suitable for washing

Canvas shoes, sports shoes, etc. can be put into the washing machine. Leather shoes and suede leather can never be put into the washing machine. If your shoes have sequins, pearls and other decorations, you can't wash them in the washing machine.

Special note: if your shoes are expensive or use exquisite materials, such as silk, it is recommended to go to a professional shoe washing shop for cleaning.

2. Please clean the dirt before putting it into the washing machine

Brush away dirt such as soil with a brush. These large dirt need to be pretreated

3. Remove the laces and insoles

Shoelaces should not be washed in washing machine, afraid of winding shoes. Manual cleaning is recommended. The insoles are also removed manually. The insole is usually made of foam compound, to prevent damage or manual cleaning. Wash with warm liquid and washing liquid mixture. Remember to dry and prevent odor.

Does the washing machine wash shoes

4. Put it in the washing machine

Put the sports shoes into the washing bag to prevent the shoes from shaking in the washing machine and being damaged by the protrusions in the machine during violent stirring. At the same time, prepare several old towels and put the bag and several old towels into the washing machine to help balance the washing volume. It is best to choose slow stirring.

5. Do not use powdered detergents

For example, washing powder, once the laundry cannot be dissolved, the particles will stick to the surface of shoes, so use liquid detergent.

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